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علا بياض ـ عارٌ على أستراليا أن يعاني مواطنوها من الفقر

بقلم علا بياض رئيسة التحرير  تعيش أستراليا في الوقت الحاليّ...

فادي سيدو ـ دراسة نقدية لنثرية ” كونشرتو….. للشاعرة نسرين صايغ

مجلة عرب أسترالياــ بقلم الكاتب فادي جميل سيدو كتبت الشاعرة...

شوقي مسلماني ـ دراسة نقدية حول كتاب “غرب آسيا ما بعد واشنطن “للدكتور الأسترالي تيم آندرسون

مجلة عرب أسترالياـ بقلم الشاعر شوقي مسلماني منطقة الشرق الأوسط،...

هاني الترك OAMـ حكومة العمال والعرب

مجلة عرب أسترالياــ بقلم هاني الترك OAM هذه وقفة نحلل...

أستراليا: هستيريا حزب العمال  وانتهازية الاحرار

  بقلم. الكاتب السياسي عباس علي مراد لم تكون السينتورة...

Minister Park and Dr Chant provided COVID-19, influenza and public health updates


Arab Australia Magazine

Recording of Multicultural Media Online Forum with Health Minister Ryan Park and CHO Dr Kerry Chant which was held on Wed 19 April 2023 / Media releases, multilingual resources and links

Minister Park and Dr Chant provided COVID-19, influenza and public health updates
This video has already been posted on the NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service (MHCS) YouTube page and social media platform and will also be shared on the NSW Health social channels



Please find the links to the social posts as follows: Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Instagram

For all the recordings of the online presser, please see link to MHCS website

Influenza (Flu)

Influenza is serious. Get your flu shot today
NSW Health website – with resources and pages in multiple languages


Media release: Community urged to vaccinate as flu season begins in NSW (20 April 2023)

I n English

(See attached)

Influenza resources in community languages
News social media tile in 62 languages – Influenza is serious (see attached English version)



Media release: Priority groups urged to book in for free influenza vaccine (11 April 2023)
In English and multiple languages:

Flu Season is here social media tiles (Facebook and Instagram)
English – see attached

COVID-19 and public health information


Media release: NSW to transition away from COVID PCR testing (19 April 2023)


(See attached)

Get the facts about COVID-19 vaccination
The Australian Government is providing COVID-19 vaccines to everyone living in Australia. Here’s what you need to know about COVID-19 vaccination and how vaccines are tested and approved

Answers to frequently asked questions about COVID-19 antiviral medicines

COVID-19 NSW Health webpage

COVID-19 NSW Health webpage with resources for multicultural communities


COVID-19 NSW Health webpage: COVID-19 resource language list

Transcultural Mental Health Line

Transcultural Mental Health Line (TMHL) 1800 648 911

Health Direct

· If you have a hearing or speech impairment, call the National Relay Service on 1800 555 677 and ask to be transferred to healthdirect

· If English is not your main language and you need an interpreter, call TIS National on 131 450 and ask to be transferred to healthdirect

· If you need health information and advice in your language, you can call healthdirect Multicultural Health Connect on 1800 186 815, 11 am – 7 pm AEDT, Monday – Friday

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